Yearly Paving Plan

Each year, as part of the City of Pocatello Street Operations Department's Pavement Management Plan, many of the city's street are scheduled for complete repaving, chip sealing, fog sealing, or micro sealing.
  1. 2016
  2. 2015
  3. 2014
  4. 2013
  5. 2012

2016 Paving

Paving is a total resurface with hot asphalt.

Street Segment
Brennan Ave Alameda Rd to North EOP
Cahoon Ave Alameda Rd to North EOP
Call Creek Dr Pocatello Creek Rd to South EOP
Hayden St Johnson Ave to Grant Ave
Johnson Ave Hayden St to Sublette St
Juniper Dr West End to Johnny Creek Rd
Lander St Main St to Union Pacific Ave
Lincoln Ave Sublette St to NW EOP
Tumbleweed Trl Juniper Dr to EOP
Wildflower West EOP to Johnny Creek Rd
Olympus Butte to Jerome St

2016 Chip Seal

Chip seal is a thick oil with a rock overlay.

Street Segment
1st Ave Day to Buell
6th Ave Wyeth St to Sublette St
Ada Appaloosa Ave to Judy Ln
Alvord Loop (Ave of the Chiefs) SW End to 5th Ave
Appaloosa Ave Jerome St to Fairway Dr
Avis Ct South End to Jessie Clark Ln
Beechcraft Corsair St to EOP
Cassia St Appaloosa Ave to Hiskey St
Cedar St Franklin to West EOP
Cessna Ave Frontage Rd to EOP
Corsair St Beechcraft to Airport Wy
Crestview Rd Sunrise Way to Lois Ln
Deon Dr Pocatello Creek Rd to Patsy Dr
Diane Ln Lois Ln to Owyhee St
Douglas Diane Ln to Oneida St
Dustin Cir Sterling Dr to North End
Elmore St Appaloosa Ave to Hiskey St
Faye Ln Ada St to East End
Fortress Mooney Ave to Boeing Ave
Henderson Ln Quinn Rd to Jessie Clark Ln
Humbolt St 1st Ave to 4th Ave
Ivan Ave Butte St to Elmore St
Jessie Clark Ln Henderson Ln to Avis Ct
Jordyn St Roy Dr to North End
Judy Ln Lois Ln to Steven St
Lockheed Ave NW End to Thunderbolt St
Logan St 4th Ave to 5th Ave
Lois Ln Fairway Dr to East End
Mesa Dr Oasis Dr to Ranch Dr
Oasis Canyon Dr to Mesa Dr
Parkview Dr Canyon Dr to Skyline Dr
Patsy Dr Deon Dr to SE End
Pinto Ave Ada St to Butte St
Plateau Dr SW End to Skyline Dr
Primrose Ave Fairway Dr to Von Elm St
Ranch Mesa Dr to Skyline Dr
Roy Dr Jordyn St to Henderson Ln
Sikorsky Ave Thunderbolt St to Fortress Ave
Sterling Dr Jordyn St to Henderson Ln
Steven St Butte St to Dana St
Sutter St 1st Ave to 5th Ave
Tanner Ln Jordyn St to Henderson Ln
Terry St 1st Ave to 5th Ave
Trapper Ct Summit Dr to East End
Von Elm Von Elm St to Bench Rd
Von Elm St North End to Northeast End
Willard Ave Oak St to Pine St

2016 Fog Seal

Fog seal is a thinner oil over existing pavement.

Street Segment
16th Ave Fremont St to Wyeth St
10th Ave Carter St to Oak St
8th Ave Carter St to Lander St
Alturas Ct Granite Dr to East End
Arlington Dr West EOP to Johnny Creek Rd
Ash Garrett Way to Moreland Ave
Aspen Dr Mahogany Dr to Chokecherry
Azalea Ln Arlington Dr to EOP
Birch St Maple St (Frontage) to Moreland Ave
Bonneville St 5th Ave to 8th Ave
Bonneville St 11th Ave to 19th Ave
Brassie Cir Lundberg Ln to NE EOP
Cahina Way West EOP to Country Club Dr
Camelback View Dr South EOP to North EOP
Carson St Grant to Arthur Ave
Cedar Ln Aspen to EOP
Cherry Ln Willow Ln to Taney Ln
Chokecherry Dr Johnny Creek Rd to Aspen Dr
Clinton St Grant Ave to East EOP
Colton South EOP to Michelle St
Duckhook Featherie to EOP
Encino St Santa Anita Ave to El Rancho Blvd
Featherie Duckhook to EOP
Fremont St 8th Ave to 12th Ave
Fremont St 15th Ave to 17th Ave
Granite Dr EOP to Summit
Hallmark Eastpointe to EOP
Hayes Ave Day St to Gould St
Hillview Dr Sonoma St to Satterfield Dr
Jensen St West EOP to Hawthorne Rd
Kelly Ct Michelle to EOP
Kelsea Pl Michelle to EOP
La Brea St Santa Anita Ave to El Rancho Blvd
Leonard Rd Arlington Dr to EOP
Lundberg Ln Bannock Hwy to EOP
Mahogany Dr Chokecherry Dr to Aspen Dr
Malibou St Santa Anita Ave to El Ranch Blvd
Maple St (Frontage) Birch to Maple St
Marilyn St Satterfield to EOP
McCaleb Dr West EOP to End of Loop
Michelle St Satterfield to East EOP
Park Ave Wyldwood Ln to Taney Ln
Pinyon Chokecherry Dr to Aspen Dr
Poplar St Jefferson Ave to Eastridge Dr
Remmington Rd South EOP to North EOP
Ridgewood Rd Remmington to City Limits
Satterfield Dr Pocatello Creek Rd to North EOP
Shadowpines Way SE EOP to Michelle St
Shantel Pl Michelle to EOP
Shaun St Satterfield to Stoneridge Dr
Sonoma St Satterfield to Hill View Dr
Stoneridge Dr South EOP (1385 Stoneridge) to Summit Dr
Taney Ln Wyldwood Ln to Cherry Ln
Verdugo St Santa Anita Ave to El Rancho Blvd
Wayne Ave Alameda Rd to Cherry Ln
Whitman St Lincoln Ave to Main St
Wild Mountain Dr SW EOP to Johnny Creek Rd
Willard Ave Pine St to Cedar St
Winchester Dr Ridgewood Rd to North EOP
Wyldwood Ln Meadowbrook to EOP

2016 Micro Seal

Micro seal is an asphalt seal over existing pavement.

Street Segment
2nd Ave SE End to Buell St
3rd Ave Pocatello Ave to Lander
Arthur Ave Wyeth St to Gould St
Bonneville St 4th Ave to 5th Ave
Bonneville St 8th Ave to 10th Ave
Buell St 1st Ave to 2nd Ave
Camas Ln Gwen Dr to Rocky Point Rd
Carson St Arthur Ave to Shoshone Ave
Carter St Hayes to EOP (River)
Connard Swisher Rd to 3400 Connard
Connor St 1st Ave to Garrett Way
Dunn St 2nd Ave to 5th Ave
Eldredge Rd West EOP to Hawthorne Rd
Garfield Ave Carter to Idaho St
Gwen Dr SW End to Highland Blvd
Halliday St Johnson to Hayes Ave (River)
Hayden St 5th Ave to 7th Ave
Hayes Ave Idaho St to NW End
Hyde Oak St to Pine St
Hyde Poplar St to Alameda Rd
Idaho St Grant St to North End
Lander St Grant St to Hayes Ave
Lander St Arthur Ave to Main St
Lewis St Garfield Ave to Union Pacific Ave
Lupine Dr Rocky Point Rd to EOP
Moreland Dr Garrett Way to Maple St
Pine St Moreland Ave to Yellowstone Ave
Putnam St 1st Ave to 5th Ave
Rocky Point Rd Canyon Dr to Gwen Dr
Rocky Point Rd Lupine Dr to Canyon Dr
Running Iron Ln Wedge Way to East EOP
Sherman St 7th Ave to Oak St
Spoon Dr Wedge Way to North EOP
Sublette St 12th Ave to EOP
Swisher Rd 5th Ave to Velton Rd
Union Pacific Ave Lewis Ave to Center St
Walnut St Pershing to Warren Ave
Wedge Way Bannock Hwy to East EOP
Willard Cedar St to Alameda Rd