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NOTE: Station Tour Requests, Fire Crew Visit Requests, and Community Event Requests have been temporarily suspended as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19.

The mission of the Pocatello Fire Department is to help people. We are dedicated to preserving life and property through prevention and professional, compassionate response. We strive to reduce loss of life and property through innovative approaches, technology, informed decisions, high standards, fiscal responsibility, and collaborative relationships.


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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pocatello Fire Department/Bannock County Ambulance District Survey

Help the PFD evaluate which services we should provide, what factors are important to you as our customer, and how we are doing if we have provided service to you.

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Bereavement Uniform Program

Lighthouse Uniform Company Bereavement Uniform Program

Through your efforts and the efforts of many others, every firefighter—paid or volunteer, active or retired—can be afforded the honor of being buried in a dress uniform at no cost to their family.