How can I get on the air? We offer training in the various pieces of equipment that are available for use by volunteers. All of our workshops are by appointment, based on staff availability. If you are unsure what workshops you may need, our staff will be happy to answer any questions. Call 208-234-6280.
  1. Camera Workshop
  2. Studio Workshop
  3. Editing Workshop
  4. 12 Tone Row Workshop
Camera Workshop
We have a variety of equipment available for field production. There are several cameras, different tripods, microphones, lights, and anything you would need for basic production outside of our facility. During the course of the workshop, we cover such elements as basic camera operation, using a tripod, how to get the best audio, etc. We also touch briefly on basic techniques and camera work. The camera workshop usually lasts about an hour, depending on your base knowledge level and what you want to learn.