Annual Water Week

Since the Pocatello Water Department held its first open house event in 1992, we have strived to continue our public education on water issues. As part of our plans to educate the public, we have scheduled a week each year known as “Water Week.”

Annual Event
2016 will be the 25th consecutive year for Water Week. This annual event is held at the Water Operations Facility located at 1889 North Arthur.

2016 Water Week Flyer (PDF)

Open House & Education
In addition to 3rd grade elementary students, Water Week welcomes all other students, Boy Scout troops, families and individuals to attend. The youth of this community are seen as a valuable resource in the education of families and the public. This is a learning experience they can use their entire lives. Interactive displays demonstrate how the water aquifer works, how pollutants can damage the water supply and how the water supply system operates throughout city neighborhoods.

Water Conservation
Water conservation is another highlight of Water Week. Visual displays persuade the youth to actively participate in learning how to use water wisely. Participants also recite a pledge promising to conserve water and teach other family members the importance of conservation, promoting action and awareness.

One way to conserve and use water wisely that can have a significant impact is to reduce water used for irrigation during hot summer days. Water usage during the months of May through October will increase by 400% to 600%. This increase is generally due to people watering flowerbeds, gardens and lawns. All citizens are encouraged to become educated in water-wise landscaping.

School Involvement
School District 25 and Idaho State University took the call to reduce water use seriously. Their efforts to retrofit existing irrigation devices and watering schedules resulted in a decrease of water consumption between 25% and 40% annually. The real issue is conservation - reducing water waste through proper irrigation along with finding ways to achieve attractive, comfortable landscapes without excess water use should be a common goal for everyone.

In conjunction with the Water Department, the Bannock County Solid Waste Department is also part of the ongoing education. Community efforts of reducing, recycling and reusing products, along with managing yard waste, will help save the landfill and protect the environment.

Awards & Recognition
Over the last 25 years, the Water Department's “Water Week” event has educated approximately 48,000 children and adults in the area. The program has won the American Water Works Association Pacific Northwest competition in “Water Education” and the 2008 Association of Idaho Cities - City Achievement Award.

For more information about “Water Week” or if you wish to schedule a group to attend, please call Kele Dawson at 208-234-6182.