Pocatello Utility Bill Pay

Welcome to the City of Pocatello Utility Bill Pay Customer Portal. The customer portal provides access to your utility account and the option to pay your utility bill (water, sewer, garbage) online.

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About the Utility Bill Pay Customer Portal

The Utility Bill Pay Customer Portal allows City of Pocatello customers to access their utility accounts with the following features:

  • Accounts – View all the utility billing accounts you have with the City of Pocatello.
  • Pay My Bill – Pay your bill online using one of the payment methods in your wallet.
  • AutoPay – Set up an automated schedule to make your utility payments on time every time.
  • Bill History – Access a list of your recent bills including the bill date, due date, prior balance, current balance, and total balance.
  • Payment History – View a list of your recent payments through Paymentus including the account number, amount, processing fee, date, and payment method.
  • External Payments – View a list of your recent payments made outside of Paymentus including the status, payment date, amount, and payment type.
  • My Wallet – View all of the payment methods you have set up for paying your utility bill.
  • My Profile – Manage your online profile with Paymentus including your name, email address, phone number, user ID, password, and security questions.
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