Collection Services

The Sanitation Department provides city utility customers one green 96-gallon autocart for refuse collection. The cart is emptied once a week. For usage instructions, please refer to the Autocart Guidelines page. If you are unsure of your collection day, please check the online collection schedule map (PDF) or call us at 208-234-6192.

Standard Garbage Service

96-Gallon Autocart (for single-family and multi-unit residences)

 Service  1 Cart  2 Carts  3 Carts  4 Carts  5 Carts  6 Carts
 Weekly Pick-Up  17.97/mo.  34.16/mo.  50.35/mo.  66.54/mo.  82.73/mo.  98.92/mo.

  • Additional Carts: $16.19 per cart per month (This is for excess trash only, not for additional rental units).
  • Additional Residential or Business Pick-Up: $14.07 per dump for all sizes of carts (If adding a permanent additional day for collection, cost is $14.07 per cart per day.)
  • Event Carts: $25.00 per cart
  • Cart Cleaning Fee: $20.00 per cart
  • Cart Replacement: $51.00 per damaged/lost cart
  • Cart Dimensions: 29.25" W x 34.5" D x 46.75" H
96-Gallon Green Garbage Cart

64-Gallon Autocart (for single-family and multi-unit residences)

 Service  1 Cart  2 Carts  3 Carts  4 Carts  5 Carts  6 Carts
 Weekly Pick-Up  16.72/mo.  31.66/mo. 46.60/mo.  61.54/mo.  76.48/mo.  91.42/mo.

  • Cart Dimensions: 27.50" W x 30.0" D x 40.00" H
96-Gallon and 64-Gallon Trash Carts
96-Gallon Autocart and 64-Gallon Autocart Side by Side

3-Yard Container (for permanent service)

 Service  1 Container  2 Containers  3 Containers
 1 Pick-Up per Week 93.60/mo. 185.42/mo.
 2 Pick-Ups per Week 174.14/mo. 346.50/mo.
 3 Pick-Ups per Week 254.68/mo.
 4 Pick-Ups per Week 335.22/mo.
 5 Pick-Ups per Week 415.76/mo.
 6 Pick-Ups per Week 496.30/mo.

  • Additional Pick-Up Day: $80.54 per additional pick-up day; each container adds an additional $11.28 (includes tax)
  • Special Pick-Up: $18.62 per extra dump
  • Container Dimensions: 6' W x 4' D x 4.5' H
3-Yard Container

Roll-Off Boxes

*Plus 6% sales tax
 Rent 17/20-Yard Box  30/32-Yard Box
 Daily 3.27/day* 3.65/day*
 Monthly 97.92/mo.* 109.47/mo.*

  • Billing Fee: $1.78 per month per account
  • Pull Charge: $183.96 plus actual Bannock County disposal costs
  • Disposal Rate for Concrete, Rocks, Brick, Asphalt and Asphalt Shingles: $21.00 per ton
  • Disposal Rate for All Other Wastes: $29.00 per ton
  • Overweight Charge: $58.00 per ton
  • Box Dimensions:
    • 17/20-Yard Box: 20' L x 8' W x 4' H
    • 30/32-Yard Box: 20' L x 8' W x 6' H
Roll-Off Boxes

Additional Services

Recycling Program
96-Gallon Blue Recycle Cart

  • Cost: One cart is included in the cost of the regular 96-gallon green autocart service. Additional recycle carts are $5.00 per cart. If current service is 3-yard container service, customer is required to set up a garbage-only account through Utility Billing and pay a $5.00 monthly fee.
  • Collection Schedule: Recycle carts are collected every other week on the same day as the scheduled garbage collection day.
96-Gallon Blue Recycle Cart

Composting Program
96-Gallon Yard-Waste Cart with Brown Lid

  • Description: This service runs from the first week in April through the end of November on Wednesdays and Thursdays based on service area.
  • Cost: $5.00 per month for weekly pick-up
  • Rules:
    • Only grass clippings, leaves and garden trimmings can be placed in this yard waste cart.
    • No pine needles, pine cones, branches or sticks are accepted.
96-Gallon Brown Lid Compost Cart

Temporary Dumpster
3-Yard Container

  • Description: This service is for clean-up projects and temporary trash removal.
  • Cost: $2.50 per day rent; $25.00 per dump
  • Payment: In order to have a temporary container service delivered an account has to be established by the responsible party through the Utility Billing Department. If someone does not have service with the City of Pocatello, the responsible party would need to establish service through the Utility Billing Department and pre-pay for the service prior to the temporary container being delivered.
  • Rules:
    • Rocks, bricks, concrete, asphalt shingles cannot be put into the container.
    • Everything needs to be in 4-foot lengths or less so that it fits into the dumpster.
    • If placing dirt or sod in the container, it can only be filled half full in order to be able to dump the container.
    • The responsible party must call before noon on Monday through Friday to ensure pickup that day or it will be collected the next business day.
3-Yard Container