Pocatello E-Waste Recycling

The Sanitation Department has partnered with Recycle Boise to help residents dispose of their electronic waste, free of charge. Residents are invited to bring their old or unwanted consumer electronics—from computer monitors to cell phones, faxes, and printers—to the Sanitation Department.

Where to Take E-Waste

E-waste items should be taken to the Sanitation Department at 2405 Garrett Way and placed in the gray electronics bin on the North end of the parking lot.

Cable Boxes
Cell Phones
Circuit Boards
Computer Accessories (Keyboard, Mouse, Etc.)
Computer Boards (All Types)
Computer Towers
CPUs (Central Processing Units)
Fax Machines
Hard Drives
LCDs (Flat Monitor Screens and TVs)
Network Equipment
Point-of-Sale Equipment
Ribbon Wire
Solar-PW Systems
Telecom Equipment
Teradyne Machines
Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Recycle Boise does NOT ACCEPT tube televisions, photocopiers, and black-and-white monitors at this time.

Personal Data 100% of all hard drives received by Recycle Boise are physically destroyed. This ensures all personal and confidential material is safe when recycled with Recycle Boise.

Other Local E-Waste Recycling Providers

Home Depot Accepts
Car Batteries
Cell Phones
Lead-Acid Batteries (Non-Automotive)
Lithium-Ion Batteries
NIckel-Cadmium Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries
Lowe's Accepts
Cell Phones
Lead-Acid Batteries (Non-Automotive)
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Nickel-Cadmium Batteries
Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
Nickel-Zinc Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries