Pocatello/Iwamizawa Sister Cities

Application for 2021 Youth Delegation

Apply for the 2021 youth delegation.  If you have any questions, please contact us

Application for 2020 Adult Delegation

The year 2020 is an adult delegation.  If you are an adult and are interested in becoming an adult delegate, please contact us. The delegation is limited to 10 people so space is limited.

2019 Youth Delegation

Youth delegates from Pocatello went to Iwamizawa for an amazing exchange experience in Japan.

Japan Sister Cities Exchange

2018 Youth Delegation

Members of the 2018 youth delegation are pictured below.

2018 Delegates

2017 Youth Delegation Exchange to Pocatello

Youth delegates from Iwamizawa came to Pocatello this summer, staying with host families and taking in as many sights as time would permit. They had a great time.

2017 Exchange Pocatello

2017 Youth Delegation Exchange to Iwamizawa

Members of the 2017 youth delegation traveled to Iwamizawa this summer. Below are a few photographic highlights from their trip. More photographs and information are available on the Pocatello Sister City Japan Facebook page.

2017 Exchange Iwamizawa

2016 Youth Delegation

Members of the 2016 youth delegation are pictured below: Doug Woolley (board member), Mason Shipley, Joe Allen, Parker Woolley,  Ashlynn Marshall, Jasmine Wargo, Ashlyn Running, Olivia Running,  Kiara McKee, Megan Schwarze,  Allison Sorenson, and Kathryn Campbell. The delegations from both cities will make their exchange this summer. The Pocatello delegates leave for Iwamizawa on July 2 and return on July 18. The Iwamizawa delegates arrive in Pocatello shortly afterward on July 26.

2016 Delegation

Sister City Rifle Raffle - April 2016

Sister City Rifle Raffle at Cal Ranch is in full swing.  $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets.  All proceeds go to funding our delegates delegate trip to Iwamizawa, Japan this summer.  Raffle ends April 22, 2016.  You do not need to be present to win.  Winner receives a $400 gift card to be used toward the rifle or gun of their choice.  Must be 21 years or older to win.  Pick up your raffle ticket from your favorite delegate or come to Cal Ranch on Saturdays from 10pm–2pm and buy some from our table.

Sister City Rifle Raffle

Goat in a Tote - April 2016

Every year on April Fool's Day, Sister City Japan conducts a fundraiser called Goat in a Tote.  For $35 bucks per person or business, you can send a Goat in a Tote to someone for an April Fool's Day gag. The recipient must pay $35 to have it taken away,  $45 to have it taken away and sent to someone else, or $55 to have it taken away, sent to someone else, and insurance that it won't come back!  It's a really fun event, and delegates have a blast.  Most people are good sports and participate.  This year was no exception. Many businesses contributed.

Goat in a Tote


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For more information about the Pocatello/Iwamizawa Sister Cities exchange program, contact us at japansistercity@pocatello.us.