Pocatello Animal Services Wish List


  • Dog Toys
    • Rubber KONGs
    • Squeaky toys
    • Rope toys
    • Toys that can withstand LOTS of chewing
    • Stuffed animals: medium & small—NO BEANIE-type please
  • Dog Treats
    • Rawhide chews (all sizes needed)
    • Crunchy bones
    • Nylabones
    • Soft/chewy treats
  • Dog collars, any size (clipping type is best)
  • Kuranda dog beds


  • Cat Toys (have to be washable)
    • Hanging toys
    • Plastic balls
    • Cloth balls
    • Any cat toy that makes sound or blinks
    • Mice, mice & more mice
  • Cat Treats
    • Cat nip spray or plant
  • Cat collars, any size (safe-release type ONLY)
  • Cat scratchers by STRETCH AND SCRATCH
  • Yesterday's News® cat litter
  • Automatic bubble machine (for the cats to stalk)
  • Automatic laser pointers


  • Wet food, dog or cat (paté is best)
  • Dry food, dog or cat (Purina products)
  • Any brand/type of peanut butter


  • Any size Ziploc® bags
  • All sizes of batteries
  • Dryer sheets
  • Kleenex® tissue boxes
  • DSLR camera for Petfinder pictures
  • Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface tablet