Pocatello Just Cuz Half Marathon

Date:  November 7, 2020
Time:  9:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.–3:15 p.m.
Place:  Crystal Summit to Centennial Park, Pocatello, Idaho
Registration:  REGISTER NOW
Contact:  Lance Clark | Email | 208-234-6237

Theme:  TBD

2018 Information

There will be no OFFICIAL full marathon this year. If you want to double down, email Lance and let him know. We will award you a lovely set of four custom-screened glasses.


Early registration* (through September 19):  $45
Late registration* (through October 12 at 5:00 p.m.): $55
Day of registration (morning of October 14):  $75

Guaranteed Race Schwag Deadline:  October 1, 2018

*Online registration closes on October 11 at 5:00 p.m. Registrations after this time will incur a $20 late fee for a total registration fee of $75. You must register in person at the packet pick-up station on the morning of the event.

Course and Start Times

Run a beautiful section of the Mink Creek area.  Half marathon starts at 10:15 a.m. with an early-bird start at 9:00 a.m. Course follows a path from the scenic Pocatello foothills to Centennial Park downtown. Transportation from Centennial Park to the start line is provided. Aid stations are located throughout the course. Course is fast, fun, and scenic. Walkers are welcome. Awards are at 12:30 p.m.  

Lunch will be served from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Race Day Timeline

Time Event
7:00 a.m. Packets available at Centennial Park
8:00 a.m. Half marathon early-bird bus leaves from Centennial Park
9:00 a.m. Early-bird half marathon begins
9:00 a.m. Half-marathon buses begin to leave Centennial Park
9:30 a.m. Last half-marathon bus leaves Centennial Park
10:13 a.m. Themed participants half marathon begins
10:15 a.m. Non- themed participants half marathon begins
12:00 p.m. Lunch begins
12:30 p.m. Awards
1:30 p.m. Lunch ends

Packet Pickup

You can pick up packets in two ways:

  1. On Friday, from 4:00–8:00 p.m., at the Pocatello Running Company, located at 200 South Main St in Pocatello.
  2. On Saturday, the morning of the race, at the Centennial Park finish line at least one hour prior to your race.

Packet Contents

  • One (1) timing bib
  • Paperwork
  • A yet-to-be-announced schwag item

Pro Tips

Take a bag with you to the top to stash your warm-up clothes in. It is really easy and critical to the timer’s sanity that your wear your bib tag, that it be your bib tag, and that you respect the bib in all ways. If you lose your bib tag by race time, ask for a new one at the park before heading up the hill. This will ensure that (1) you have a posted time and (2) the posted time is, in fact, your time.

For questions on how the Start Line, Finish Line, or Aid Stations work, scroll past the map and results for more details. 



Past Years’ Results


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2018 Overall Results
2018 Age Group Results

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2015 Overall Results
2015 Age Group Results

Transportation and Parking

You should park at the bottom of the course near the finish line. Parking lots include Raymond Park, the Charter School, and City Creek Trailhead. Centennial Park is reserved for the buses and worker vehicles. Parking at the top is very limited; do not drive to the top. We are asking spectators to stay below Cherry Springs (course mile 4.5) as the road is narrow and twisting above that point. Bring a bag with you so you can stash your extra clothes and gear at the top. We will have your bag for you at the finish line. We will supply duct tape and markers to label your bag in case you forget. DO NOT MISS the last shuttle. Having a lot of cars on the road is not safe for other runners. Again, it is dangerous to have cars above Cherry Springs. ASK YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM TO STAY BELOW THIS POINT. DO NOT DRIVE TO THE START LINE.

The Start

We have a pretty sparse start line. There are bathrooms, water, sports drinks, a spray-painted start line, and a trailer to drop gear in. If it is cold, there may be camp fires. There is no cell service; there is no running water, electricity, parking, or other amenities. We will have someone taking pictures at the start, which will be available on the interwebz, so do not send your personal photographer to the start line to jam up the road with traffic. Mark your bag with your name, and we will have it alphabetized at the bottom for you. DO NOT DRIVE TO THE START LINE.

Let us know if you would like more time on the course. You can run or walk or both. Early bird is a non-competitive division. You will get on the bus at 8:00 a.m. and start at about 9:00 a.m., which gives you an hour and 15-minute head start on the pack. This has been a big request. This allows slower participants enough time to finish and get lunch before the awards. Your confirmation should show the division you are in. You can always change divisions. If you get on the early-bird bus, you better be in that division. Runners are welcome in the early-bird division if they have somewhere to be. DO NOT DRIVE TO THE START LINE.


We have aid stations at miles 2, 4.5, 7, 9, and 11.

  • Mile 2:  Water station, energy drinks, clothing drop, bathroom
  • Mile 4.5:  Bathrooms, water, energy drinks, gel, clothing drop. We will offer Clif Shots, Clif Blocks, Organic Stinger Gels, and Power Gel. Some are caffeinated, some are not. If our brands don’t agree with you, carry or stash your brand of choice.
  • Mile 7:  Water, energy drinks, bathroom
  • Mile 9:  Water, energy drinks, bathroom
  • Mile 11:  Table of temptation, water, energy drinks, bathroom. If you need more water after this, please carry some.

NOTE:  You can drop clothes at any aid station in a box and they will eventually make their way to the finish line. Please note that gels will only be available at mile 4.5. If you need a gel at mile 7, put one in your pocket.

Finish Line

At the finish line you will be draped with praise, love, care, adulation, AND A MEDAL! At Centennial Park we will have a fully catered brunch and lots of fruit and drinks. Awards are at 12:30 p.m., but people are likely to continue to finish after that. Awards are very low key. There are NO draw prizes. The staff will be there until the last person crosses or is declared "done" by a doctor. If the weather is terrible, we will make plans for an alternate lunch and awards location, though if we pressed on in 2011, I’m not sure what it would take for us to move the awards.

Course Tips

The first 2–3 miles are steep and fast. Then next 5–6 are mostly gentle downhill. The last 5 miles are flat or rolling. Save some go juice for the last few rolling hills. Just because ding dongs are available at an aid station doesn’t mean you have to eat one. The course will be marked with paint and signs. LEFT ON GRANT IS THE ONLY CRUCIAL TURN. Please run against traffic. There is no reliable cell service until mile 7. The course is open to regular traffic so running "best line" at the top is a risky move.

IF there is snow on race day, we will run an alternate course out towards Inkom. No more ice skating down Mink Creek Road. As fun as that was, a couple of runners were never heard from again.

The Bet

There will be some sort of bonus award involving beating Lance (me) and/or Josie (the race founder). It is traditionally an Arctic Circle milkshake gift certificate. Expect around 1:50 to be the time to beat. But if things go well it could be as fast as 1:39.

Secret to Happiness

Oreo milkshakes and dressing to the theme.

Directions to the Finish Line

From I-15 take the Clark Street Exit #69 and head west on Clark (downhill). Follow Clark all the way down until it becomes Center at the underpass. Merge left and turn left on Arthur (don’t turn left on Main as it is one way). Go south on Arthur until Benton. This is a stoplight intersection. Turn right on Benton, cross the river, and turn left on Grant. After about ¼ mile you will pass a white LDS church on the right and come to Idaho Street on your left. Turn left and you are there. If you are a local it would be helpful if you actually parked at Rainey Park/The Charter School and walked across the bridge.

Directions to the Start Line

From the finish line drive south on Grant Street. After 1.5 miles it merges with Bannock Highway and continues south. After another 3.5 miles (5 total) you come to the Bannock/Mink Creek intersection. Stay right and head into the hills. It is only 8 more miles on the main road. Our parking lot is shortly after the South Fork road turns off. We are in a gravel lot on the right. If you are coming from the South it may be easier to take the Portneuf Gap exit and take Portneuf Road to Mink Creek. There will be bathrooms at the top for all to enjoy.

The Table of Temptations

At mile 11 you will pass an aid station offering a variety of foods and beverages that are not normally found on a race course. If someone hands you a tiny glass with clear liquid do not assume it is water. There are various forms of trans fats, sugars, adult beverages, and items no human should ever take into their body. If this is offensive to you, grab some water and move on. If this is your thing, hunker down and enjoy the feast. My strategy has been to take some water, eat a ding dong, and take some licorice for the road. Others have commented that a swig of JD is the ticket to a strong finish. Sitting down to rest for a few minutes is a strategy that I have seen employed with mixed results.

Full Marathon Participants

Thank you for being hardcore, but we will not sponsor an official full marathon this year. You are a small but elite crowd. I anticipate less than 1 participant. We will likely not have fully staffed aid stations on your way up. I will put everything out and fill some cups, but it may fall to you to grab a cup and maybe even fill some cups for yourself. You will only have two chances at GU (mile 10 and 17) so prepare accordingly. For your heroic efforts, you will get a custom cup and a place in the record books. Good luck. Start at the bottom and try to time your turn for 8:30. A 6:00 a.m. start seems to be about right. There are no "prizes" for winning the full marathon. You are a bandit. I did take the $5 we saved on buses and bought you cool cups again. That is all.