Pocatello Utility Payment Services

Best Payment Practices

  • Make a payment arrangement any time you are unable to pay by the due date on your billing statement.
  • Update your contact information with us. You are notified of suspected leaks, problems with your account, or work that may impact your water services for a time period.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or problems. We are here to help you.
  • See what payment services we offer (below) that may help you.
  • Any request for service changes should be made in writing especially if you are moving and wish to have services stopped on a certain day.

Payment Services We Offer

  • Circuit Breaker Program – This program is through the Bannock County Assessor’s office and if you qualify, you will receive a 30% reduction on your utility bill. Please call 208-236-7260 for qualification details.
  • Assistance through SEICAA – This is income based. If you qualify, SEICAA has specific water monies to assist you. Please call 208-232-1114 ext. 135 to schedule an appointment.
  • Level Pay – This program begins and recalculates every November. It does require a year of history before it can begin in November. This program helps to even out payments if you have higher summer bills. It further allows for ease of budgeting with a set monthly payment.
  • Bank Draft – With this service, the City initiates the payment from your bank on the due date of your bill. This option works well for customers that maintain a balance in their checking or savings since the payment is not a set date such as the 15th of the month but rather the due date on your bill.
  • Bill Pay – This service allows you to access your account online 24/7 to pay your bill. You can initiate the payment each month or set it as a recurring charge to a credit or debit card.
  • E-Bill – This service allows you to receive your billing statement by email without the delay of mail time.
  • Drop Boxes – We have two drop boxes located in front of the City Hall office building to assist you in making your payment. These boxes are checked once daily at 7:30 a.m.