Pocatello Utility Payment Services

Best Payment Practices

  • Make a payment arrangement any time you are unable to pay by the due date on your billing statement.
  • Update your contact information with us so that you are notified of suspected leaks, problems with your account, or work that may temporarily impact your utility services.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or problems. We are here to help you.
  • See what payment services we offer below.
  • Any request for service changes should be made in writing, especially if you are moving and wish to have services suspended on a particular day.

Payment Services We Offer

Circuit Breaker Program

The Circuit Breaker Program is offered through the Bannock County Assessor's Office. If you qualify, you may receive a 30 percent reduction on your utility bill. Please call 208-236-7260 for qualification details.

SEICCA Assistance

Income-based assistance is available through the Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency (SEICCA). If you qualify, SEICAA can provide monetary assistance through designated funds. Please call 208-232-1114 ext. 135 to schedule an appointment.

Level Pay

The Level Pay program offers a fixed monthly payment for your utility bill based on your previous year of service. The program begins in November and recalculates each subsequent November. A minimum of one year of billing history is required before Level Pay can be activated. The program helps to spread the burden of high summer bills throughout the rest of the year, and it eases the challenge of living on a tight budget.

Bank Draft

The Bank Draft service offers a fee-free option to pay your utility bill. The City initiates payment from your bank account on the due date of your bill. This option works well for customers who maintain a balance in their checking or savings account since payments are not withdrawn on a fixed date, such as the 15th of the month, but rather on the due date of the bill.

Utility Bill Pay Customer Portal

The Utility Bill Pay Customer Portal gives you access to your account online 24/7 to pay your bill. You can initiate the payment each month or set it as a recurring charge to a credit or debit card.

Electronic Billing (E-Bill)

The e-bill service delivers your monthly billing statement to your email inbox, eliminating the delay of USPS mail service.

Drop Boxes

Two payment drop boxes are located in front of City Hall as another convenient way to make your payment. These boxes are emptied once daily at 7:30 a.m.