Pocatello THOR Mountain Obstacle Race

Location: East Fork Nordic Center
Date: September 26, 2020
Race: Roughly 10K with occasional obstacles
Teams: Singles, duos, or groups permitted



Thor’s Trials is a 10K mountain obstacle race designed to test the total body fitness and mental toughness of participants. There are 20 obstacles spread over 6 miles of rugged terrain. Each obstacle will have multiple completion options for participants. Most will have “short and heavy” or “long and light” type options.

If you can’t carry a 50-pound boulder, you can choose multiple carries of lighter weights. If you don’t want to climb an 18’ rope you can climb a taller, knotted rope. If you don’t find any love for the knotted rope you can drag a weighted rope through the woods.

Participants can register as a solo, team of 2, or as a team of 4.  Teams can help each other through obstacles and push through challenges together.  Teams gets a collective team time when they cross the finish together. 

Registered participants get regular insider email updates with training tips, the chance to practice obstacles and course updates.  All early registrants get an apparel item, an item for the trophy case, and an item for their medal rack.  We also feed everyone at the end.

Prices rise as the race date approaches, so register today.

Thor Run Costs

Registration Time Solo Cost Team Cost
Early Bird (ends Jan 1) $60.00 $200
Junior Bird (ends May 10) $70.00 $240.00
Regular (August 30) $80.00 $280.00
Late (September 25) $90.00 $320.00
Day Of (September 29) $100.00 $360.00

The sooner you sign up the better!

There will be opportunities for racers to try out and game plan some of the obstacles. Also, as you may have noticed above, the entry fee will be increasing as the race approaches. 

Below is a rough outline of the terrain. We are excited to debut this race. Our team is putting in some serious effort to make it enjoyable and worthy of each competitors effort.
 valahalla course image
Questions? Call Lance Clark at 208-705-5764.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there an age restriction?
A: Participants under 18 need to be on a team with at least one adult. We do not have a minimum age but parents need to understand that this is a physically demanding endurance event with the potential to get hurt, get lost, get tired, cry, and whine or worse. If this is your typical Saturday go ahead and sign up. The Race director has an 11 Year old and is not planning to sign her up for a couple more years. We are suggesting 14-16 as the age most kids would start having the stamina for this event, but every kid is different.
Q: How good of shape do I need to be in to participate?
A: The course is designed to accommodate a wide variety of physical strengths and weaknesses but a basic level of fitness is key to having a reasonably good time. If you cannot complete a road 10K this is not the race for you. If you cannot lift at least 20 pounds over your head comfortably this is not the race for you. Right off the bat you are going to climb a vertical wall that is at least 7 feet tall. If you cannot do this even with help you need to get to a boot-camp style class and practice all summer. You have time to improve, you can do it. It is perfectly fine to walk between obstacles. It is normal to take breaks after a particularly taxing obstacle. But if you do that between every obstacle the clock will work against you.
Q: What if I cannot complete an obstacle?
A: Despite the scaled approach there may be some obstacles that some participants just can’t complete. Many races enforce burpees.
Q: One of my teammates is in great shape and I am worried about holding her back. What should I do?
A: You should celebrate because you found the perfect teammate. She can help you move your rocks, lift your load, climb your rope and do any penalty exercises. Teams are required to stay together. Try to keep up.
Q: One of my teammates is significantly slower than me; I’m worried he will hold me back. What should I do?
A: Next year choose your team more carefully. Until then, plan to do multiple laps on obstacles, help him do penalties, and spend the summer working out with him to toughen up that buttercup. Maybe think of it this way: Your exercise to dollar spent ratio is going to be outstanding.
Q: What time does the race start?
A: Start times are not set yet. We know there will be wave starts, with a team and a solo participant going out as a 5-10 person ‘wave’. The plan is to offer start times throughout the day from 10am on with the first registrants having dibs on choice of start times.
Q: Is there a cap on participation?
A: Yes. We will limit the field to 500 racers. In the first 48 hours 98 spots filled. Prices go up on June 10 and we expect another wave of registrations around then. We hope to be full by August.
Q: Do you need volunteers?
A: Yes. Lots of them. Volunteers who put in a full day can opt to get a 2017/2108 Nordic ski season pass or a 2018 Fun Run Series season entry or a 2018 THOR solo entry. You will also be fed and get a THOR bandana.
Q: What do racers get in the schwag bag?
A: Racers will get a custom apparel item, a commemorative item and a ‘medal’. At the early stage we are looking at a buff type band, a hefty stein and custom made finisher ‘medals’ that are totally not metal.
Q: Do we get anything else?
A: You get to participate in the best race around. And we will feed you. And You get to spend a day in the mountains with your friends.
Q: Are there prizes for winning the whole thing?
A: We do not have a cash prize. We will have some ridiculous symbols of your skill and endurance that you will either cherish or hate. These will go to the top man, woman, co-ed team, men’s team and women’s team.
Q: What is the mud situation?
A: The course will have no mud obstacles built in. This is not a mud run. It is a mountain obstacle race. There is no natural water on the race course and the only water would have to fall from the sky.
Q: How does weather change the race?
A: The race goes on through rain, snow, sleet, cold, heat, sun, wind and more. Typical weather for this location in late September and early October is a crisp morning and a sunny afternoon with temps from 40-60 degrees.
Q: How is this different from the name brand races like Spartan or Dirty Dash or Tough Mudder?
A: It is superior in every way. Not really. This race is more affordable than the brand name races. But it is better in several ways. Rather than digging up a random farmer field and trucking in water for endless mud pits we are focusing on having one of the most scenic mountain courses around. The ski trail system makes for a perfect course and the obstacles are of the mountain aesthetic. Obstacles involve logs, rocks, trees and sticks rather than aluminum scaffolding and plastic sheeting. The 10k distance is long enough to challenge toned and trained athletes and short enough to be accessible to armchair enthusiasts.
Q: How is THOR inferior to other name brand races?
A: The small participant field means it will not be a giant party, more like a handful of survivors recounting their tour of duty. The small field also means that when you proudly wear you THOR gear nobody will know exactly how awesome you are.
Q: What should I wear?
A: Weather will largely dictate that. We expect shorts and a shirt to do for most people. Tights might be suggested for those with sensitive skin or allergies. I would not wear my most expensive microfiber silver infused brand name shirt. An old poly race shirt and some well loved running shorts that can be retired is ideal. If it is cold sleeves might be nice.
Q: What kind of amenities are available at the race site?
A: Parking (free parking is limited to one car per bib #) Toilets of the portable and vault variety. Water and electrolyte drinks. There is no running water. Power is limited to race needs via a small generator, don’t expect to plug your phone in. We do not have garbage services, please limit your impact. We will serve food and drinks after the race. Please bring ID for adult beverages. Additional food and drinks will be available for purchase from vendors.
Q: Is there a course cut off time?
A: There will be, but it has not been locked in yet. It will be a ‘time of day’ cutoff rather than a ‘time on course’ cutoff.
Q: Is there a map?
Yes and no. The terrain layout above is the currently published piece. We are in the process of making a more official map. We have decided that some obstacles will be released to the public in advance while others will remain top secret for now. Which means a more detailed map will not be available for the time being.